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Photoshop Contest: Gross-Out Syracuse Sports History

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Don't forget, contest runs through Saturday night.  Get your entries in ASAP!

As we were reminded last night, DOCTOR Daryl Gross likes to be seen when Syracuse Athletics does well.  Even if he didn't particularly have anything to do with that success. If there's a camera in the vicinity, you can be sure that the good DOCTOR will be there.

But think of all the great Syracuse moments that DOC missed?  So many pre-2005 memories, so many opportunities to inject himself into the story...gone forever.

Or are they?

Your out images from some of Syracuse's finest moments, celebrations and games that happened before DOCTOR Gross' arrival and photoshop him into them in order to fulfill his destiny as the binding glue that holds our fragile athletics program together.  So many to choose from...Ernie Davis getting the Heisman, Jim Boeheim cutting down the nets in 2003, The first instance of the Air Gait...the possibilities are endless.

I trust you'll find them all.

Create your photos and post them in the comments below.  The winner will receive a free Shut It Down T-shirt and there might possibly be other prizes TBD.  Contest will run through Saturday, November 14th 11:59pm.  We'll choose some favs and vote on the winner next Monday.

Good luck, Godspeed and Gross-out SU sports history.