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DOCTOR Gross Does Not Fire Coaches, He Changes Leadership

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You silly, silly peon.  DOCTOR Gross would never fire anyone (except Greg Robinson).  He's not that cruel.  He sees the world like a chessboard and he's simple moving the pawns into their correct place.  Case and point...

Syracuse University Director of Athletics Dr. Daryl Gross announced today that he is making a change in the leadership of the men’s soccer program and that Dean Foti will not return as head coach.

"No one has been more committed to this program over the years than Coach Foti has and I want to thank him for all he’s given to the soccer program, this athletics department and this University," Gross said. "He worked hard to try to turn this program into one that could compete for conference championships in one of the most competitive soccer leagues in the nation.

The headline for the story?  "Gross Announces Change Of Leadership In Men's Soccer."  See that?  The good DOCTOR doesn't want to make the story about the soccer program or the years of service that Dean Foti has provided to Syracuse.  He makes the story about himself.  TO PROTECT OTHERS.  He is a saint.  One day you'll recognize this.

Seriously though, while the writing was on the wall (3-15 record in 2009), Foti's efforts should be commended.  A four-year starter and two-time captain for the SU soccer team, Foti coached here for 18 years(!) and accumulated 141 wins, the most in SU history.  That is a long time and a lot of wins.  Unless you're Jim Boeheim. 

Now, Gross is tasked with finding a worthy successor.  One that meets his high standards which include notoriety and past success.  Gross loves to make a splash so if I could be so bold as to make a prediction...

Ladies and Gentlemen, the next coach of Syracuse soccer...David Beckham!