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If You Value Your Health, Do Not Associate With Syracuse Football

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Superduperstar DL Arthur Jones and starting offensive tackle Jonathan Meldrum are both out for the remainder of the season with knee injuries.

Son of a mother-loving bitch.

The school announced tonight in a release that Jones and Meldrum reported experiencing discomfort in their left knee during the Pittsburgh game. MRIs on Monday revealed each had a torn lateral meniscus in their knees that will require surgery.

They join a crowded sideline of Syracuse players lost for the season with injuries that includes safety Dorian Graham (shoulder), tight end Nick Provo (knee), defensive end Jared Kimmel (knee), strong safety Max Suter (arm) and tight end Cody Catalina (knee). Additionally, some 21 players on scholarship have left the program since Marrone's arrival last December. Just last Monday, all-star wide receiver Mike Williams quit the team.

We love to revel in guys who went pro only to find that they wish they stayed a year longer in college. Well Jones has officially joined Sam Bradford on the "Dammit, I Really Should Have Just Gone Pro" bandwagon. 

Obviously we were elated to have Jones back, despite the fact that he failed to deliver at Big East Media Day LobsterFest.  Art's stats were way down this year (12 tackles), helped in large part by the pec muscle injury he suffered in the off-season and the double-teams he faced off against often. Hopefully this won't impact his NFL status greatly though two major injuries in the span of a year cannot be good.

Meldrum still has two years left with the Cuse (assuming he doesn't quit, get suspended or gamble), so we'll still be seeing plenty of him.

Alright...who's next? Can we freeze Derrell Smith, Doug Hogue and Shamarko in carbonite during the week to prevent any further injuries or mishaps?

And for the record...yes I blame Greg Robinson.  Somehow this is all his fault.

You have to take the good with the bad and so it's also worth noting that the remaining members of The Syracuse Gambling Four have been reinstated and will play this weekend.

The Syracuse University football team will have three familiar bodies back on its thinning roster Saturday when the Orange faces Louisville in a Big East Conference football game. Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone announced Monday night that tailback Antwon Bailey, offensive guard Andrew Tiller and defensive end Torrey Ball have bee reinstated.

Lose an OL and DT, gain an OL and DT.