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Jim Boeheim Is An Absolute Magician

Just finished watching Jimmy's post-game celebration on, very good stuff all around and very kind words from Coach K and Dave Bing. 

And you know...a lot of people could have held up the Boeheim 800 Jersey and stood next to Boeheim the entire time and ensured that they would be in any photo taken and stood in front of Boeheim's family and inserted themselves into this moment meant for one singular man other than himself...but it was DOCTOR Gross who specifically did all of that.  Just sayin'.

You can already buy "800" merch if you like, though I'm not entirely sure why you would need it.  Though to be fair it would seem that Jimmy still needs as much publicity as he can get.  Whether it's a UNC/ACC bias or just

perception, ESPN has Boeheim's historic feat nestled underneath North Carolina's meaningless win over FIU on their homepage.  Par for the course for James Arthur Boeheim's career, though to be honest I think it bothers us more than it bothers him.


Check out the game highlights here, read the game story here and watch Jimmy's presser below.

Coach Boeheim on the Orange over Albany, 75-43