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west vaginas
west vaginas

West Virginia is the only state where veterinarians are trained in family planning. #BeatWVU

The people of West Virginia saw nothing wrong with NIT Championship t-shirts that read "West Virgina" #BeatWVU

If you can read this then you didn't go to West Virginia #beatWVU

93% of WVU students impressed w/school's technology advances. Favorite feature is "the pens with the ink already inside." #beatwvu

West Virginia's training table includes possum, gopher and dirt pie. #BeatWVU

In West Virginia "pump-kin" isn't just a Halloween decoration, it's also the objective at all family gatherings #BeatWVU

BREAKING: Supreme Court rules WVU acceptance letters Cruel and Unusual Punishment #beatwvu

Donovan McNabb > Pat White #BEATWVU

In West Virginia, congressional seats are awarded based on the number of Waffle Houses and strip clubs in a given area #BeatWVU

West Va, where flea flicker isn't a play, but a morning ritual #BeatWVU

West Virginia: Not good enough for regular Virginia since 1861 #BeatWVU

In a recent study, West Virginia was reported to have a -17% literacy rate. #BeatWVU

West Virginia ain't got no gays 'cause dats New York City's problem. #BeatWVU

West Virginia: Where READIN' IS FUR QUEERS! #BeatWVU

In West Virginia, a 401(k) is just a really long road race. #BeatWVU

Please don't touch the West Virginians. They smell of coal and depression. #BeatWVU

It's not masturbation in West Virignia. It's "The dog won't give me no play." #BeatWVU

Where the most effective pickup lines include "Moo" "Oink" "Baaaa" or "Heyyyy Mom" #beatWVU

The only mountaineering West Virginians do these days is walking up the hill to McDonald's. #BeatWVU

pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis #beatwvu

Terry Bowden graduated magna cum laude from WVU....... and that joke wrote itself. #BeatWVU

In a WV McD's I wanted a shake. The girl asked me "Chocolate, strawberry or vanilla?" "Chocolate," I said. "We only have vanilla." #BeatWVU

What do you call a West Virginia virgin? A girl that can out-run her brother #BeatWVU

That ain't just a pick up truck, son. That's my retirement. #BeatWVU

"Yup, my car is a hybrid. It runs on gasoline and welfare checks." #BeatWVU

I'd say "Steers, queers, and Mountaineers" but that'd be insensitive & ignorant. Like most West Virginians. #BeatWVU

how do u know the toothbrush was invented in WV? Anywhere else & it'd be called a teethbrush. #beatwvu

West Virginians were shocked that Dale Earnhardt, Jr. was once again not awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. #BeatWVU

Major Harris is fat. #BeatWVU

what happens in the barn, stays in the barn #beatwvu

West Virginia: Making Arkansas look like a Rhode Scholar since 1863. #BeatWVU

Fine dining in West Virginia entails anything not able to be served "on a stick" #BeatWVU

Fun fact: West Virginia is a horrible place #BeatWVU

West Virginia, where Applebees is fine dining #BeatWVU

Some of my favorite gym teachers went to West Virginia #BeatWVU

What do tornados and a west virgnia divorce have in common? Someone always loses a trailer. #BeatWVU

West Virginia: Now With Paved Roads #BeatWVU

Marvin Graves was the originator of #BeatWVU

West Virginia to receive humanitarian aid from Darfur #beatwvu

The only requirement to become a lawyer in West Virginia is to promise you've read Green Eggs & Ham. #BeatWVU

What the hell have you been doing with the Schwartzwalder Trophy, WVU? It smells like feces and sour milk. #BeatWVU

WVU has 14 NCAA National Championships in Rifle. That is a true fact. Sometimes they write themselves. #BeatWVU

Some mountaineers wear helmets, inbred mountaineers wear roadkill. #beatWVU

In the script for The Express, the West Virginia crowd were portrayed as kind folk. Then they hired actual WVU fans as extras... #BeatWVU

Morgantown's main exports are Pat Shadle, moonshine, and beastality jokes. #BeatWVU

West Virginia has the highest unsolved homicide rate, I mean there are no dental records and all DNA is pretty much the same... #BeatWVU

#BeatWVU because duct tape shouldn't be currency

WVU, where they are still mad about The Express becaue they think it's real and not "those moving pictures the devil made." #BeatWVU

Jerry West was a proud alumnus, until he realized he went to West Virginia. #BeatWVU

#BeatWVU Don't call WVU a "safety school"; the first thing they teach freshmen is how to disable the safeties on their shotguns.

Outhouses? Outhouses. #BeatWVU

#BeatWVU even NASCAR is too classy to have a race there

It's all relative. literally. #beatWVU

There is a mistake on West Virginia's wikipedia page. It says they have a football team. #BeatWVU

#beatwvu because its tremendously important from a football standpoint

I have trips to the toilet that are more productive than West Virignia graduates. #BeatWVU

#BeatWVU -W. Va Where Chris Hanson made his career by asking surprised people to have a seat & tell him what they were doing @ that house.

Don't feel bad, West Virginia. Somebody had to be ranked 50th in everything. #BeatWVU

in west virginia they ask where the sun goes at nigh[ #beatwvu

West Virginia: Where a 1967 Camaro transmission doubles as a lawn jockey. #BeatWVU

West Virginia: Where it's not cheating because it's YOUR dog. Get it? #BeatWVU

#BeatWVU West Virginia: Virginia's power bottom

"WVU is ranked by The Princeton Review as one of the best 368 colleges in the nation." Who didn't make it, UConn? #BeatWVU

West Virgina: Where state tax refunds are issued in the form of commemorative plates #BeatWVU

WVU, the Quagmire of the Big East Football. #BeatWVU

I heard O.J. moved to West Virginia 'cause all the DNA is the same! #beatwvu

#BeatWVU West Virginia: America's septic tank

West Virginia recently renovated its campus, upgrading from a "tent city" to a "shanty town." #BeatWVU

Sorry, I took a break to eat a healthy lunch. Something West Virginians know nothing about. #BeatWVU

West Virginia is for blood relative lovers. #BeatWVU

We'll someday find a cure for West Virginia. #BeatWVU

WVU students weep for Commodus' unrequited love in 'Gladiator'. #BeatWVU

Sex ed classes in West Virginia teach boys that "moo" means "moo". #BeatWVU

You know you've made it in West Virginia when you own two pairs of Wrangler jeans. #BeatWVU

Goddamn hicks. #BeatWVU

140 characters is perfect for West Virginia students. That's about how big their vocabulary is. #BeatWVU

WVU has a great running back and a tough run defense, but you know what they're missing? Proper hygiene. #BeatWVU

I'm headed to grab lunch at a deli. Or for you WVU fans, one of those fancy high-fallootin' non-McDonald's sandwich shops . #BeatWVU

West Virginia: Where "bringing sexy back" means inviting your cousin over for dinner again. #BeatWVU

Where the chancellor is actually just the dad/brother/cousin of all 28000 enrolled. #BeatWVU

I heard the WV constitution was written on the back of a Cracker Barrel menu. In crayon. And "constitution" was misspelled. #BeatWVU

West Virgina, where your family tree looks like two straight lines. #BeatWVU

In West Virginia, the prostitutes charge by the pound. #BeatWVU

Legend holds that Tarantino's inspiration for the rape dungeon in Pulp Fiction was the campus of West Virginia University. #BeatWVU

West Virginia is wondering what the big deal is about the No Bell Piece Prize #BeatWVU

West Virginia: Making Mississippi feel proud since 1863. #BeatWVU

Because WV fans need to realize Bill Stewart is Greg Robinson with an accent #BeatWVU

How many WVU frosh does it take to screw in a light bulb?'s a soph class! #beatwvu

You know that a West Virginia graduate is running NASA when crashing things into a rock equals science. #BeatWVU

WVU head coach is only dressing 20 players against Syracuse...the rest have to dress themselves! #beatwvu

Bill Stewart looks like he should be teaching shop somewhere. #BeatWVU

I am 100% positive that Bill Stewart has a cache of Werther's Originals in his office. #BeatWVU

78% of WVU seniors don't have to worry about finding a job. They either will be in jail or back on campus in the fall. #BeatWVU

Syracuse gave the world two astronauts. West Virginia gave the world a burnt futon and a keg of Pabts. #BeatWVU

The only time it is acceptable to burn a couch is after a national championship. That is it. #BeatWVU

Morgantown: Now with 16% fewer hate crimes! #BeatWVU

A large percentage of West Virginians don't technically count as permanent residents because they live in cars #BeatWVU

Street signs in West Virginia: #beatWVU

West Virginia's chief exports are crystal meth and sadness. #BeatWVU

Mountaineer : personal hygiene :: Greg Robinson : coaching acumen #BeatWVU

West Virginia, where burning things isn't arson or criminal mischief, but a rite of passage. #BeatWVU