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Syracuse's Future All About Duality, "Caterizing"

<a href="" target="new">GARRET MEADE PHOTO</a> Riverhead senior Malcolm Cater charged forward for one of his four touchdowns against West Islip. He ran for a career-high 239 yards.
GARRET MEADE PHOTO Riverhead senior Malcolm Cater charged forward for one of his four touchdowns against West Islip. He ran for a career-high 239 yards.

John Kinder draws comparisons to Don McPherson.

Jonny Miller has been compared to the way Brett Favre looked coming out of high school.

Sooner or later, there's a good chance one of them will be the starting quarterback for Syracuse University.  They'll both start walking that road together next season when the SU recruits join the team at the same time, as the D.O.'s Tony Olivero reports.

Kinder is having another quality season in Long Island, where he's considered "a threat to go over 100 yards rushing and 100 yard passing every week." He recently received a phone call from Syracuse legend McPherson, who wanted to make sure the QB-in-waiting was somewhat prepared for what was ahead.

"He was just telling me that I will have a lot of fun," Kinder said. "Telling me that it is tough playing quarterback for the Orange, but to keep up the good work."

Meanwhile Miller, who some have considered a "steal" for the Orange, including's Matt Alkire.  alkire also notes that he thinks Miller "is a better quarterback than Nassib was coming out of high school."

Both QBs will be brushing up on the Stallion by the time they get here.  Marrone and Spence want their QBs to be mobile as well as be able to throw the ball.  Kinder is already known for his running ability but Miller is expected to be able to handle the situation as well.

"We ask him to run the ball from the shotgun," [Miller's HS coach Dave] Logan said of Miller. "He's not a Terrelle Pryor (Ohio State quarterback), but he can escape the pocket and make plays with his feet. If they decide to use him in some sort of Wildcat alignment, I think he will do just fine."

Catching up with a few other SU recruits, WWoodland Hills RB Dom Timbers is tearing things up, averaging 125 yards per game. 

Then there's Malcolm Cater, recruited as a LB but also handling some RB duties.  Cater has become known as such a prolific hitter that he's inspired a brand new term.

"Caterized" is the term former Riverhead Blue Waves lineman Andrew Smith came up with to describe the rock-hard hits Malcolm Cater delivers on defense. Well, "Caterized" may also be used to describe Cater's hard-hitting, punishing running style when he carries the football on offense.

Cater ran for four second-half touchdowns -- his first touchdowns of the season -- as well as a career-high 239 yards as Riverhead recovered from a 9-0 deficit and overcame the West Islip Lions, 28-9.

..."I knew it was my time to step up," said Cater, who also made seven tackles, recovered a fumble and recorded half a sack. "It felt great, man. I saw the seams and I just took it. I hit the hole hard."

I like this.