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OrangeTube 10/8

The latest Syracuse-related videos floating around the Internetosphere. 

First up, there was a Newhouse throwdown at halftime of the Syracuse-South Florida game.  ESPN sideline reporter Quint Kessenich puts three teams together in a competition to create a 20 second piece about Syracuse Football.  Here they are.

All good stuff but I have go with "the folks who brought you Blair Witch."  Montages and slogans are nice but Greg Paulus humor trumps all. 

Syracuse University Strength and Conditioning Coach Hal Luther squats 505lbs for 6 reps.  That seems like a lot. Not me for, obviously.

Big East Television reporter John Congemi describes Syracuse Football's new offensive scheme.The one that would have worked if not for, you know, seven turnovers.

It's Congemi's Corner!  As you can see from the graphics, it doesn't matter if he's hanging out in a pullover, chillin' in short sleeves or playin' a little pigskin, John's ready to chat with YOU!  Well, not YOU but Greg Paulus.

Where'd that orange tree come from?