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Syracuse Star Athlete Says He's Coming Back, Where Have I Heard That Before?

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So superstar WR Mike Williams told Donnie Webb that he will be returning for the 2010 season today

"I’m really looking forward to coming back," Williams said on Wednesday. "I’m not even going through that process right now of thinking about leaving or nothing.

"I have made that decision coming back. I think so. It'll be good for me because I sat out a year. All the problems I went through and stuff when I sat out, I feel like I really have to come back."

It's something we've all been speculating about for a while now and I have to admit that's a shocking statement.  I was in the camp, like most of us I think, that figured Mike was a goner.

Then again, haven't we been down this road before?  We probably shouldn't invest in Mike Williams 2010 Syracuse calendars just yet. 

In case you have a short memory, here's what Jonny Flynn said in March:

"I'm coming back to Syracuse. There is no 'as of right now.' I'm coming back to Syracuse."

A month later, Jonny went pro. Within that month he saw where he was rated amongst his peers, what his professional and financial potential was and how that would be limited by remaining in college.  I appreciate Mike Williams' words about returning for another season with the Orange and I'm not calling him a liar.  But if I were you (and him), I'd wait until after Mike sees his name near the top of the NFL Draft WR board before convincing yourself he's definitely staying.