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The Legend Of 22 Grows


Forget 44.  44 is your Grandpa's legendary Syracuse number.  It's all about 22.  22 is the choice of a new generation.  It's totally rad!

22 is, of course, the "44 of Syracuse lacrosse."  Some of the best lax players in the history of the program has donned the jersey and gone to special things.  Need a refresher?

Gary Gait, Charlie Lockwood, Casey Powell, Mike Powell and Ryan Powell. All of them wore 22. Dan Hardy wore the number last for the Orange and all he did was lead Syracuse to back-to-back national titles.

In a way, 22 has become what 44 always wanted to be.  Whereas 44 was worn by three amazing players 40+ years ago and since worn by a collection of players ranging from good to meh, 22 is almost always worn by elite players. 

And so, refusing to take a year off, 22 is back in presumably back in 2010 on the chest of a new SU lacrosse star.  Cody Jamieson, who lit up the scoreboard in just six games last season, fulfilling at least some of the hype that preceded him, will wear the number for the Orange this year

All Jamieson did this summer while playing club get was named both Rookie of the Year and MVP in the MSL for Six Nations.Cody apparently spent the off-season considering just going directly to the National Lacrosse League but eventually thought better of it with the chance to secure his place in SU lacrosse history.

"He’s a symbol for young people at Six Nations," Staats told the newspaper. "He wants to be the first product of our lacrosse program to graduate from a four-year Division I school."

Syracuse fans are pleased with the decision.

Meanwhile, Senior Chris Daniello and junior Joel White have been named captains for the 2010 season

SU is now preparing to take part in Navy’s fall tournament on Saturday, Oct. 10.

The Orange will face the host Midshipmen at Rip Miller Field in its opening game and conclude the competition against Harvard on the turf at Farragut Field at 2:30 p.m.

Finally, the D.O.'s Meredith Galante notes that Denver, now under the leadership of former Princeton coach Bill Tierney, will be making the trip to the Dome to open the 2010 season.  Denver is a year removed from their first NCAA Tournament appearance and expects to improve under Tierney's guidance.