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Syracuse Has More Loose Ends Than Tight Ends

We found out yesterday that tight ends Nick Provo and Cody Catalina were walking wounded and will not suit up for the West Virginia game.  Despite the concern, there was an excitement bubbling over the chance that Greatest Human Ever Andrew Robinson might actually see some playing time.

Eh, probably not considering he's got his arm in a cast.

Additionally, tight end Andrew Robinson has a significant cast on his left hand. He had it wrapped up for the South Florida game, though he was able to participate in practice on Tuesday.

A "significant" cast.  Is that better or worse than a tremendous one?

Donnie also notes that center Jim McKenzie was in shorts and not in a helmet in practice today.  He participated and his injury is unknown.  Awesome. 

Donnie speculates that Carl Cutler will see some action at tight end this weekend, as he played the position briefly in the Penn State game.  Of course Mike Owen will also play.

One other note of interest, despite HCDM's overtures that Nico Scott has not lost his starting CD position, Donnie spotted Da'Mon Merkerson working with the first-team defense in practice.  Ahem...