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Syracuse's Carter Suspended. No, Not That Carter. The Other Carter.

When I saw the title of Donnie Webb's post tonight, "SU's Carter suspended; Provo, Catalina out with injuries," I let out an audible gasp.  Delone Carter, the only good thing about the SU running game, was not going to play against West Virginia and possibly longer.  When I realized it was actually linebacker E.J. Carter I say the least.  Of course, losing a starting LB is not good at all, but if I had to lose one Carter, I'd rather it be that one.

Starting outside linebacker E.J. Carter of the Syracuse University football team has been suspended for what the school said in a release was "a violation of team rules." The announcement did not say what the violation was or how long that Carter will be suspended.

The possible violation may or may not have been:

  • Looking Coach Marrone directly in the eyes for more than three seconds at a time.
  • Saying the word "turnover" or even just thinking the word "turnover."
  • Touching Mike Williams.
  • Intercepting Greg Paulus and, when asked why he did it, saying "Everyone else was doing it, I just wanted to feel cool."
  • Stealing Derrell Smith's bone.

Gillum is expected to start in Carter's place while he's off writing his apology.

Oh and then there's this:

Syracuse also announced that starting tight ends Nick Provo and Cody Catalina will miss the Orange's Big East Conference game against West Virginia because of injuries. Provo injured his knee against South Florida on Saturday. Catalina's injury is unknown.

Awesome!  If you need some semblance of good news, how bout that defensive end Iron Brandon Sharpe and defensive back Phillip Thomas will return on Saturday.  See, the Lord a.k.a. Marrone taketh but the Lord giveth as well.