Mike Williams - Staying or going?

Okay guys, time to address the elephant in the room, with regards to the SU offense. We know that Paulus is gone after this year, although I'm sure he would come back if he could. But Mike Williams is another story altogether.

The guy is the go-to receiver in a pass-happy (by necessity) offense, and is on pace to put up RIDICULOUS numbers. If he ends up finishing in the top 5 in national receiving numbers for the rest of the season, and if Syracuse finishes with a respectable record (a 5-7 or so), do you guys think he comes back for his final year of eligibility? We know that Williams has had trouble with academics before, so unless he wants to come back for a chance to go bowling or something with next year's team, I say the odds of him returning are in the 30% range. He's probably a first day (1st or 2nd round) selection in the NFL draft if the above scenario plays out. Thoughts?

(and if for some reason I'm wrong in regards to Williams' eligibility status, then I'll be damned!)