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Syracuse-South Florida Video Smorgasbord

First up, Bud Poliquin looking good in salmon.

Syracuse vs. USF football - Bud Poliquin

Doug Marrone, just minutes before committing felonies against human beings...

Syracuse vs. USF football - Doug Marrone

CitrusTV reporter Eva Zaccaria was at the Carrier Dome, and gives her final wrap on SU's 34-20 loss to USF.

Greg Paulus, who probably wanted to be anywhere else.

Arthur Jones, who needs to wear a v-neck t-shirt next time.

LB Derrell Smith post-game, who was better off not knowing how many TOs we had.

CitrusTV's A.J. Donatoni and Aneesh Saxena break down SU's ball control problems, take a look at Greg Paulus, and go inside the 3rd quarter to show how SU fell apart.

CitrusTV's A.J. Donatoni and Aneesh Saxena give you their Final Thoughts from SU's 34-20 loss to USF.

Orange Press Pass welcomes in WAER reporter David Resnick to break down where the Orange fits in to the Big East picture.