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Jonny Flynn vs. Scoop Jardine: World Series-Style

Donna Ditota reports that the Phillies-Yankees World Series is causing some series dilemmas for Philly native Scoop Jardine and Rick Jackson.

The two Philadelphia natives were torn -- should they watch their beloved baseball Phillies play the New York Yankees in the World Series? Or should they switch the television channel to the YES network, which was broadcasting the New Jersey Nets' game vs. the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The Timberwolves' point guard, of course, is former SU star Jonny Flynn.

Scoop admitted to doing a little back-and-forth between the two games but was "mainly" watching Flynn.  Had Scoop known what kind of reaction he would get from Flynn, a Yankee fan, after last night's Yankee win, he might have rethought his gameplan:


See, that's what makes Flynn so good, Scoop.  Killer instinct.  He'll rip out your guts for a Yankee World Series victory.  Next time, put down the remote and root your boys on!  Unless you're practicing.  That's kindof important too.