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That Old Familiar Feeling: South Florida 34, Syracuse 20

In a game that featured five turnovers within the first five minutes, it looked like both teams were going to end up paying for their mistakes.  In the end, it was only the Orange who kept making them as South Florida took advantage of seven (SEVEN!) SU turnovers to win 34-20.

Greg Paulus bore the brunt of things with five interceptions, the most by a Syracuse QB since 1982, and tying the school record.  The third quarter pick-six to Jason Pierre-Paul was the most damaging as it opened the floodgates for a 20-point USF 3rd quarter.  Paulus finished 25-46 with two touchdowns to go with his five picks. (Boxscore here)

Mike Williams put up some nice numbers for those in the silver lining department, 13 catches for 186 yards and two scores.  To be fair, that 2nd TD was in garbage time.

As many noted, that was the first time it felt like we were watching a Greg Robinson football team.  As Greg would say, time will tell if USF is just that good or if SU just played that poorly.  Methinks it's a little of both.

Hopefully, Marrone doesn't commit felonious assault tonight.  We'll find out in the morning.  Share your thoughts on the game below.