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AP Not High On The Orange, Leave Syracuse Outside Preseason Top 25

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The Coaches just barely snuck Syracuse into their Top 25 earlier today.  The AP followed suit this afternoon but unlike the guys roaming the sidelines, they don't have quite as much love for the boys in orange. 

Syracuse received 83 votes in the Preseason AP Top 25 Poll, good enough for No. 31, behind Notre Dame whom they were ahead of in the Coaches Poll.

Overall though, the AP does seem to think a little higher of the Big East teams that did make the Top 25.  Nova checks in a No. 5, West Virginia at No. 8, UConn at No. 12, Louisville at No. 19 and Georgetown at No. 21.  Pittsburgh joins ND and SU in the Also Received Votes category.

So if you take both polls and try to extrapolate from it, you come to the same conclusion the rest of us seem to have...Syracuse will probably be aight, but no one's quite sure just how aight they'll be yet.  Aight?