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Lots Of Moving Parts In Fan Appreciation Day

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This Saturday's game against Cincinnati just happens to coincide with Fan Appreciation Day at Syracuse University this year.  A lot of the time FAD falls on a Tuesday and nobody gets anything so...fantastic coincidence!

So what can fans expect from their day of appreciation?  Well first of all, they're getting in for cheap.  If they're paying at all.

...any fan who has purchased a ticket to an Orange football game this season — at least any the school can track via e-mail — will be offered an opportunity to purchase a select number of $10 seats in the third level to Saturday’s Big East game between SU (3-4, 0-2) and Cincinnati (7-0, 3-0), a $5 reduction from previous games.

...In addition, the school is inviting all SU students to attend the game for free. Students who already have a ticket will receive a free guest ticket to the football game against Rutgers on Nov. 21 or to a December men’s basketball game.

How bout that.  Even if you have a student ticket you still win by getting a free guest ticket to the Oakland University basketball game! (I'm assuming) 

This has got the students psyched!  Like SU freshman Chris Jones...

"It’s fifteen bucks you don’t have to spend, everyone’s pretty broke."

We're broke! Psyched!

But it's not just about the money, you guys.  It's Halloween!  Time to dress up.  And you've even got some incentive this year...

To celebrate Halloween, fans are encouraged to dress in costume for the game for a chance to win a variety of prizes. Those who dress in costume can sign-up at Gate B before the end of the first quarter to be entered in the costume contest. Three adult finalists and three youth finalists will be selected. A winner will be chosen at halftime based on fan applause. Fans can also get started on trick-or-treating early with candy available after the game.

The winner gets "a variety of prizes."  I'm afraid to ask but someone I just know that an autographed copy of "The Express 2: The DOCTOR Daryl Gross Story" is a part of that.

Couple notes about dressing up for the game:

  1. Wearing orange and supporting the team trumps all costumes.
  2. Guys, a Syracuse-themed costume is ideal.
  3. Girls, a slutty Syracuse-themed costume is ideal.
  4. Any costume that featured the colors red and black is forbade.  Sorry.
  5. Please no Borat, Bruno, Heath Ledger's Joker, Iron Man or Jack Sparrow.  That was last year.  You're better than that.
  6. If you can dress up as Doug Marrone, that's ideal.  All you need is a white Syracuse polo, a headset and a word bubble with "Tremendous" written in it. Done.