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Marion Berry Abstains From Voting For Sports Teams...Except When He Doesn't

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So on Tuesday we found out that House of Representatives member Marion Berry of Arkansas voted NO on honoring the national champion Syracuse Men's Lacrosse team, the sole member of the House to go out of his way to do so.  His reasoning, according to the Post-Standard, is that "he makes it a practice not to vote for any resolution honoring sports teams." Fair enough. 

Except that, well, he's not really making it THAT much of a practice.

On Wednesday, a motion went up in the House to congratulate "the Northwestern University Wildcats on winning the 2009 NCAA women’s lacrosse championship, and to commend Northwestern University for its pursuit of athletic and academic excellence." 

416 Reps votes Yes and...strangly...this time no one voted No.

How could this be?

I know! 

Because Berry voted Yes.

Marion Berry, on behalf of Syracuse lacrosse fans everywhere...

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