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Daily Links - The Cincinnati Conundrum

Orange::44: The Cincinnati Conundrum
The entire future of the league could possibly rest on this game, and really every game Cincinnati faces from here on. Some serious ethical questions also appear related to this game as well.

OrangeHoops: The Best to Transfer to the Orange
here really have been seven notably successful transfers to Syracuse since 1940, and if Johnson can fall into the upper half of this group, Syracuse will be in good shape.

Big East stock report - Big East - ESPN
Delone Carter and Derrell Smith are rising stars in the Big East.

ESPN Radio - SuperStream Player
Gene Wojekowski said that Syracuse/Cincy could be a trap game for the Bearcats.

Three Idiots on Sports: Syracuse Wins the Battle of the Intro Videos
The Cincinnati Bearcats may be 15.5 point favorites against the Syracuse Orange on Saturday, but there's one area where the Orange clearly have an upper hand -- stadium videos.

Virtual reality: Player likenesses in video games spawn lawsuit against EA Sports, NCAA - Sports
A new court case could allow NCAA athletes to profit over uses of their likeness in video games.

Jim Boeheim Podcast | The Axeman - Brent Axe -
Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim came "On the Block" on ESPN Radio 1260 with Brent Axe this week to talk about that exhibition win and some other SU Hoops issues. Even got a World Series pick out of Boeheim.

EJSIC College Basketball Preview Series: Syracuse | The Elitist Jerks' Sports Information Collective
With last season’s Sweet Sixteen run fading in the rear-view mirror, the Orange(men) of Syracuse University returned to action this past weekend with their first exhibition contest, besting Cal-State Los Angeles 97-54.

UConn, Syracuse suddenly have kicker issues - Big East - ESPN
Hardly anyone is immune to kicker problems. Two Big East teams that had seemingly reliable options found that out last week.

BCS one game UC can't win | | The Cincinnati Enquirer
The BCS is ingenious in the way it gets us all worked up about college football. But America isn’t supposed to work this way. We compete. We tap gloves and come out fighting, may the best man win. So what's with the BCS?

BC's Josh Haden to Transfer, Offer Warning to 18-Year-Olds Everywhere - SB Nation
Never get a tattoo of your school while you're there...just in case you decide to transfer.

Three Idiots on Sports: Michigan - This is Your Defensive Coordinator
Good luck with all that, Michigan.