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OrangeTube 10/28

First up...Kenny!  What are the chances those are Kenny's drawings in the background?

Donnie Webb talks to junior defensive tackle Anthony Perkins about his fumble recovery against Akron, playing for the SU defensive line and the Tennessee Titans.

SU Junior Defensive Tackle Anthony Perkins

Mike Waters talks with Brad Pike, Syracuse University basketball's head athletic trainer, about the facility at the Carmelo K. Anthony Center.

Syracuse basketball: the training facility

WAER's Andrew Africk joins CitrusTV in studio to take a look at the upcoming schedule for the 'Cuse and tells us whether or not they have a shot to go bowling.

Scott and Ravi are back to break down why the loss of Mike Williams really hurts the Syracuse Orange. They'll also tell you why special teams under achieved against the Zips.

This MayFest aggression will not stand!