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A Tale Of Two Cincinnatis

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There's the Tony Pike Cincinnati, where the offense moves at breakneck speed, the backfield is usually empty and the man in the middle of it all is firing passes up and down the field.

Then there's the Zach Collaros Cincinnati, is run and fun.  It's a style you're more likely to see come out of West Virginia.  Collaros is shifty and he can beat you with his legs or his arm.

Two completely different teams.  Both tough to defend and keep up with.  Both of which will show up on Saturday against the Orange.  Both of which Doug Marrone has to prepare for

"(It) is always tough when you have to prepare for two quarterbacks," Marrone said at his weekly press conference with local media. "But as of right now, with the information we have, we're going to have to get ready for both quarterbacks."

Pike missed the Louisville game but the Bearcats didn't exactly miss him.  The Heisman candidate was well covered for as Collaros went 15-of-17 for 253 yards and three TDs in the romp.

The Orange will need every one on defense at full strength if they want any chance of beating Cincy.  That means SU desperately needs the man who leads the team in solo tackles (46), total tackles (63), tackles for losses (9.5 for 45 yards) and sacks (6.5 for 45 yards) and is also No. 1 in the nation forced fumbles (0.71 per game), Derrell Smith.


Starting middle linebacker Derrell Smith went down with what appeared to be some type of leg injury late in the team’s 28-14 victory. Smith crumbled to the ground at one point and had to be helped off the field. Smith returned for a play before coming out of the game for good.

After the win, Smith said he was suffering from cramps. He walked into the press room at the Carrier Dome without crutches or any limp.

"I'm excited about him playing this week," Marrone said. "I don't know anything about the injury yet. They're still evaluating it. I should get something back this afternoon."

Marrone says he thinks Smith will receiver "honors" after this season is over.  So far I would agree.  Then again he's already got The Bone, what other honors do you need?

Bud Poliquin took some time out to remember last year's 38-10 disaster.  A week removed from the Notre Dame upset, the Greg Robinson Era ended with a whimper.  Bud also remembers some very specific things about one player in general who could not have been pleased with his return to Ohio.

And finally, a look on the face of tailback Delone Carter as he left the locker room and headed for the team bus and the ride to the airpor stuck with met. It bordered between dazed and contempt. He'd been taken out of the rotation at tailback and had become an unlikely spectator. Carter's look screamed, "what in the hell have I got myself into?"

I hope Delone is able to find some measure of success and closure this year.  We'd probably appreciate it as well.