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The Annexing Of Lichtenstein

One overlooked incident in Saturday's game against Akron was the benching of freshman kicker Ryan Lichtenstein.  The greatest walk-on-turned-scholarship-true-freshman-starting kicker in the history of Syracuse football has run into a little bit of a rough patch:

Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone benched kicker Ryan Lichtenstein after he missed a 39-yard field goal in the third quarter and replaced him for the rest of the game with Jake Smith.

Marrone said Lichtenstein had a poor warm-up that he thought carried over into the game. Whether it’s temporary switch or not depends on how the two kickers compete in practice next week.

Lichtenstein started the year extremely well but in his last two games he's missed an extra point and a field goal.  SU isn't in a position to give up one point, let alone three.