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Syracuse 28, Akron 14. Vengeance Is Ours.

It's never fun to try and recap a game you didn't watch so I'll leave that to the folks who actually did.  Links below and add your own post-game comments as well. (We'll tackle Mike Williams, figuratively, in the next post).

So, first sentence I read in Donnie Webb's game recap:

The Syracuse University football team overcame the loss of star wide receiver Mike Williams (yikes) and a 98-yard kickoff return (yikes!) to turn back Akron 28-14 Saturday afternoon before a Carrier Dome crowd of 36,991 (YIKES!).

Announced 36K???  Oof.

Per Donnie Webb, Delone Carter had career day as Syracuse runs roughshod over Akron. 170 yards and 3 TDs. That's fantastic.  After what's been an extremely gritty and not always rewarding season for Delone, great to see he could break through.  Huge confidence boost for the O-line as well I'm sure.

In his recap, Brent Axe talks about Greg Paulus was as good as he needed to be.

Greg Paulus, who struggled in his last two games, was as good as he needed to be with a 12-for-17 performance for 105 yards and a touchdown.

The fact that we are talking about what Syracuse did as opposed to what they didn't do, about says it all.