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You're In Charge, Don't Screw This Up

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I'm going off the grid this weekend starting tonight and I won't be back until Monday, which means I'm entrusting each and every single one of you to take care of business tomorrow and Saturday.  That means...

1. Handle your #BeatAkron business.  You know what to do.  Maybe HoyaSuxa will compile the best of the day.  And something tells me that you won't have much competition.

2. Make Syracuse win on Saturday.  Cause if they don't, I'm holding you responsible.  Not Paulus.  Not Marrone.  Not even Nancy Cantor.  YOU.

3. Give 110%

4. Believe in yourself and others.

5. Hydrate, drink plenty of fluids.

6. Don't do drugs.

Follow the six rules of life according to TNIAAM and you'll go far, kid.  Do it not and fear the repurcussions.

Catch you on the flip-flop.