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USF: When your league is desperate to replace more desirable schools that left for the ACC. #BeatUSF

The mullet may have been invented in Maine, but it was perfected at South Florida. #BeatUSF

University of South Florida: Located in Central Florida since 1956 #BeatUSF

You can't spell "Eat my balls, South Florida" without "South Florida." #BeatUSF

If you mess with the USF Bull, you won't get the horns. You will, however, probably get an STD of some kind #BeatUSF

USF arrived in Syracuse yesterday in their usual mode of transportation: Everglades fan boats. #BeatUSF

At South Florida, you need 120 credits and a tramp stamp to graduate. #BeatUSF

USF: Because Tampa will be in South Florida once this global warming thing happens. #BeatUSF

Ummm, this: #BeatUSF

South Florida head coach Jim Leavitt looks like he should be teaching heating and air conditioning repair somewhere in Missouri. #BeatUSF

USF has more than 224,000 alumni. There are also approximately 224,000 sex offenders in the state of Florida. Coincidence? #BeatUSF

The Chicago Olympic bid was rejected after the IOC learned it was only 1,170 miles from USF. #BeatUSF

Tampa's main exports are Yuengling beer and inflated sense of self worth. #BeatUSF

Little known fact- The college in the new NBC show 'Community' is based completely on South Florida - students/teachers/everything. #BeatUSF

#BeatUSF, because #BeatPoncedeLeonU would have been too wordy.

Tampa sports teams would rather named themselves after the dirty mass of water off the coast than the city itself #BeatUSF

#BeatUSF because U of west central FL would be too correct a description of their geography

USF... when you can't get into the U, but still need a second rate degree. #BeatUSF

USF, for when Florida State seems too wordly. #BeatUSF

The safety safety school #BeatUSF

If your institution only awards GEDs can you still play college football? #BeatUSF

The University of South Florida: 46,000 students, 46,000 drooling bibs. #BeatUSF

South Florida has an amazing theater program. I can't tell you how many South Florida graduates I've seen on COPS. #BeatUSF

70% of strippers cite their college as USF because it is the most believable option #BeatUSF

Can you even get a degree from South Florida or does the school just confer certificates of attendance? #BeatUSF

At USF, a violation involving alcohol is manditory for graduation. #BeatUSF

USF, where Rhodes Scholars are as rare as finding that Jesus cup in The Last Crusade. #BeatUSF

USF has the number one cancer research facility, but still can’t remove the tumor that is their football program. #BeatUSF

#BeatUSF because the St. Petersburg Bowl just won't be the same without them.

At USF, you get your choice of barbed wire or tribal band tattoo upon matriculation. #BeatUSF

USF: the world's premier Leper colony #BeatUSF

B.J. Daniels is a scholar-athlete. His first name is short for "Big Jenius." #BeatUSF

Playing for USF was so embarrassing that Matt Grothe's knee committed seppuku. #BeatUSF

Bubba The Love Sponge is among Tampa's slimmer residents. #BeatUSF

only thirteen percent of USF's student body lives in a university residence hall, the rest live in their parents basements #beatusf

at USF you can major in Wal-Mart Greeting sciences #BeatUSF

USF is to tradition as Michael Moore is to physical fitness #BeatUSF

what's 100 yards long and has 3 teeth? The line to register at USF #BeatUSF

In Tampa, FL, "horticulture" means bringing a prostitute to a museum. #BeatUSF

Calling a Tampa school "South Florida" is like trying to make it seem like SU is near NYC. Oh wait, Dr. Gross actually does that... #BeatUSF

South Florida is kind of like the American financial industry: Too dumb to fail. #BeatUSF

Saying that South Florida students and alumni are fat, drunk, and stupid is a bit of a fib. They smell like pancakes, too. #BeatUSF

Do you know how to make a South Florida sandwich? You start with bread and cheese, and then shit all over it. #BeatUSF

At USF a slurpee contains the contents of a used condom. #BeatUSF

I've never been to Tampa, and unless I someday open my own meth lab, I don't plan on visiting. #BeatUSF

I'll say it again. Flamerica University. #BeatUSF

I travel to south florida quite often, its 200 miles south of USF #BeatUSF

USF: because UConn has to have better academics than someone #BeatUSF

South Florida has the third best football program in the 46th best state. #BeatUSF

65% of the people who watch America's Got Talent attend USF. #BeatUSF

October for USF is like the Greg Robinson era for SU - no wins. #BeatUSF

Freshman orientation at USF includes a cavity search and a stern lecture from the warden #beatusf

USF was built on an abandoned airstrip - the new school devalued the property #BeatUSF

USF students are constantly reminded by Tampa prostitutes "even off campus I am still referred to as Professor" #beatUSF

#BeatUSF because Grothe tore his ACL to avoid being SHAMARKO'd!

Twinkies and Mr. Pibb, the recommended diet for all children in South Florida #BeatUSF

The original screenplay for "Doubt" was about the USF football team going into the game against Syracuse. #BeatUSF

There's a 45% chance that your USF freshman roommate will be named "Machine" #BeatUSF

National unemployment plummets to 1.8% when adjusted for USF grads #beatusf

#BeatUSF, cause you don't see Syracuse calling itself South New York State University.

Most USF students find The Wicker Man remake with Nicolas Cage to be the height of cinema. "HOW'D IT GET BURNED???" #BeatUSF

I'm not saying that attending South Florida will give you herpes, but until science proves otherwise . . . . #BeatUSF

When @BH_Orange44 cues the crying child, they are the children of USF football players #beatUSF

Gallagher is a South Florida graduate. Gallagher! The guy smashes watermelons for a living! FUCKING GALLAGHER! #BeatUSF

The University of South Florida: 88%of our tuition revenue is generated by Mons Venus lapdances. #BeatUSF

USF: Where the men are women and the women are bulls. #beatusf

USF to offer seniors college prep course #beatusf

Roman Polanski was en route to USF to pick up a lifetime achievement award when he was arrested. #BeatUSF

According to their website, USF is "one of the nation's top 63 public research universities."'re 63rd. Just say 63rd. #BeatUSF

USF: Where the wave has and always will be supported (until a real one from the ocean destroys their homes). #BeatUSF

USF students think that reading the funny pages makes someone a part of the literati. #BeatUSF

Also, USF students don't know what "literati" means. #BeatUSF

Not much is known about the people of Tampa before settlers. The only items found were cigarette butts and Native Juggs Magazines. #BeatUSF

Top 10 reasons to go to USF shortened to 5 to accommodate students' mathematical limitations #beatusf

Other notable USF alums: an "early phone phreaker," a Real Worlder and "teacher noted for having an affair with student." #BeatUSF

South Florida is responsible for the 2000 Presidential election situation in Florida as 74% of its students voted for "Sprinkles!" #BeatUSF

The last thing parents ever want to tell their child: "We're getting divorced. It's all your fault. And you're going to USF." #BeatUSF

Floridians refer to USF as the herpes sore on Americas dong #beatUSF

When you care enough to send the very worst, send them to South Florida #BeatUSF

Son: "I'm going to USF." Dad: "I really wish you'd reconsider dropping out of school." #beatusf

South Florida-where students who do the wave belong #BeatUSF

Everyone featured on is a USF grad #BeatUSF

Hey USF: Just because it's in SOUTH America does NOT mean Rio is closer to you than Chicago...Stop Cheering! #BeatUSF

USF fans punch babies and kick puppies #BeatUSF

USF: Where dyslexic kids who want to go to FSU go. #BeatUSF

South Florida: putting the "USF" in anusfister since 1956. #BeatUSF

Whores. #BeatUSF