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Syracuse - South Florida Predictions

The consensus seems to be that the Orange are going to play South Florida tough but eventually fall just short. Orange44's Brian has SU losing 30-24 while ESPN's Brian has the Orange losing 24-21.

I'd love to be the one to now predict that the Orange will be on the other side of those scores but I'm just not sure I can. If given time the SU offense can put points on the board. And the SU defense can certainly force USF to rely on redshirt freshman B.J. Daniels' ability to manage the game. However for me it all comes back to the USF defensive line matching up against the Syracuse offensive line. Will Greg Paulus have time to make throws? Will Delone Carter be able to do anything? Will Syracuse receivers be able to catch anything that isn't ten yards or less?

I'm going to go with USF 27 SU 20 but I hope I'm wrong, obviously. How bout you?