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Who Is This Guy And What Have You Done With Arinze Onuaku?

Arinze Onuaku has been replaced by a clone.  Or a robot.  Or an alien. Or a Cylon (is that also a robot?  I'm not a mega-dork).  I don't know exactly what Arinze has been replaced with, only that I know he's been replaced.

This is the Arinze Onuaku I know and care for.


Player_onuaku08-09web_medium Arinze_medium

Stoic.  Angry.  Uncomfortable. Bitter. And maybe a little gassy. And certainly not smiling.

So I am at a loss on how to explain...this.

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@nunesmagician arinze onuaku smiled on 10/18/09. here is proof. on Twitpic

Fun-loving.  Happy-go-lucky.  Excited.  Smiling.  Smiling?  SMILING?

Arinze, I don't even know you anymore.  You better be a Terminator or something, so help me God.

H/T: Meg,