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A Syracuse Football Fan's Weekend Agenda

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Admit it, you don't know what to do with yourself this weekend.  Your Saturday's revolve solely around the existence of and interest in a Syracuse football game.  That fact alone makes you a sad, sad creature.  So on a weekend where there is no event for which you can invest your life energy...what the hell are you supposed to do with yourself?   Go to Midnight Madness? is for December.

I'm here to help.

Friday night - It's Stull!  It's Savage!  It's Big East Football on ESPN!

Pittsburgh and Rutgers are both on Syracuse's upcoming schedule and we'll find out a lot about both of these teams when they tangle in primetime Friday night.  The Panthers are looking for revenge or redemption or recompense or restitution depending on who you talk to.  Chances are the weather won't be too kind in Piscataway so you might want to just watch this one from the comfort of your living room.

That or you could watch Lobstermen.  Either/or.

Saturday - Watch UConn Athletes Commit Felonies

Nothing new, I know.  This one seems like a normal, everyday match-up of future SU opponents, but as any good Louisville fan will tell you...UConn has committed highway robbery the last two years in this game.  The winner of this one is irrelevant though I suppose we're all rooting for the Cardinals. Certainly can't be rooting for the Huskies, now can we?

Saturday - Spend Your Day In Sunny Buffalo

When you think warm and inviting, think Buffalo, NY.  Okay, that might not be accurate.  But it will give you the chance to watch Syracuse's next opponent, Akron, in action. The 1-4 Zips are starting a three-week road trip and will take on the 2-4 Buffalo Bulls on Saturday at 3:30pm EST.  It's a great chance to do some advance scouting for the rest of us, plus you can point and laugh at Turner Gill as he continues to realize how his window of opportunity has practically sealed shut.

Sunday - Rent Milk on DVD or Blu-Ray

It won awards, right?  And Gus Van Sant, you know?  EW's Own Gleiberman says "[An] incisive and stirring dramatization of Harvey Milk's heroic life and violent death." Thanks for the spoiler alert.  Dick.