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Daily Links - Triche & Wes Praised

Midnight Madness Finally Upon Us |
I’m ready for this season to get going, and it all starts with the sold-out third installment of Midnight Madness Friday night. For those who aren’t familiar, here’s a short list of things to expect, and things not to expect...

March Madness All Season: Fifty Impact Freshmen
Brandon Triche makes the list.

ZAGSBLOG " Syracuse’s Johnson Will be Among Elite
The man who could turn out to be the player of the year in the Big East Conference didn’t play a single basketball game last season. " NBA Star Carmelo Anthony Launches Website, Inks Deal With TAG Body Spray
Melo commits greatest transgression of all...aligning himself with TAG Body Spray

Can anyone stop resourceful Cincinnati? - Big East - ESPN
That is the major marvel of Cincinnati, which downed the Bulls 34-17 Thursday night at Raymond James Stadium. The Bearcats can bludgeon you with their best, and they can beat you with guys you've never heard of.

Orange Fizz: Syracuse Orange Sports Blog, Recruiting and Podcasts.
Ernie Davis Stadium was packed with support under the bubble roof for the Orangemen last week.

It’s Officially Basketball Season " Hoya Suxa
Welcome back, f***face.

The Internet, Cable Companies, and the Future of Television « You Know What I’ve Been Thinking About Lately?
As I sat through another Syracuse loss, I found myself wondering if there has ever been an invention as thoroughly enjoyable as the internet. Sure, the wheel is nice, but really how hard was it to find a circular rock?

Highlights from the lacrosse team's recent fall games against Navy and Harvard: