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It's 7pm Madness!!!

<a href="" target="new">Dennis Nett, Post-Standard</a>
Dennis Nett, Post-Standard

Everybody get your AmeriCU Credit Union gameface on (I assume they are also sponsoring gamefaces for tonight) cause it's AmeriCU Credit Union Midnight Madness tonight at midnight 7pm.

Former SU great John Wallace will be your master of ceremonies.  Just in case you youngens needed a reminder as to how good Wallace was when he played for the Orange...

Over the course of his career, Wallace racked up 2,119 points and 1,065 rebounds, ranking third in both categories on SU’s all-time list. He is one of just two players in SU history; Derrick Coleman is the other, with more than 2,000 points and 1,000 rebounds.

Oh and he led the team to the Finals in 1996.  There's that, too.  Mike Waters spoke to Wallace on the eve of the event and caught up with the former Cuse star.  Wallace talks about his career panned out, the history of Midnight Madness at SU and how the 1994-1995 team should have won the national title.

We would’ve won it all that year. We had Arkansas beat. It was a tough way to lose. Arkansas went on to Final Four and lost to UCLA. We would’ve beaten UCLA because they were soft.


Events on hand will include a dunk contest and three-point contest that will feature SU assistant Gerry McNamara.

If you can't make it to the event, Mike Waters will be live-tweeting as will many other Cuse fans I'm sure.  Of course, if you're still thinking about attending you might be SOL.  The event is SOLD OUT!  Well...kinda....not really...actually not at all.

Syracuse officials said they have distributed 20,000 tickets for Friday's Midnight Madness and have declared the event a sellout.

As you might be aware, there are more than 20,000 seats in the Dome.  Much more.  Still, if you are planning on attending make sure you get there early.  Parking should be fun.

Make some noise, you guys.  Go nuts.  Let'm know... Oh but, please, whatever you do...when DOC speaks, and he will...please hush up.