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Carmelo Anthony To Snitch On Carmelo Anthony

Since leaving Syracuse as the freshman phenom, Carmelo Anthony's road to megastardom has been, bumpy, to say the least.  His many exploits, including the "Stop Snitchin'" DVD, the disappointing 2004 Olympics and his explanation for the 2006 brawl between the Nuggets and the Knicks will be discussed when Anthony appears on E:60 next Tuesday, October 20th at 7pm. 

Here's a little preview for you:

According to their press release, "E:60 interviewed Anthony's coaches, his mother and his friend, LeBron James, about who Anthony is and how he's perceived by the public as he tries to put his past behind him."  So it sounds like we might be in store for a Jimmy B appearance.  Plus, I'm sure the Melo Center will be prominently featured.

Set your DVRs to...uh...DVR.  That works as a noun and a verb, right?