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Cuse Basketball Alums Spanning The Globe

You know basketball season is almost upon us when Cuse Country puts together their first comprehensive Where In The World Is Preston Shumpert post.  Of course they track down pretty much every major former Orangeman and their current whereabouts, NBA (Flynn, Harris, Donte, Watkins, Nichols) or otherwise (Gorman, Kristof!, Shumpert, Blackwell, Roberts).  Still no whereabouts on Otis Hill and Elvir Ovcina but fingers crossed on that soon.

One guy they don't mention in great detail is Eric Devendorf.  Last we heard Devo was waiting to see what kind of invitation he might get to play in the NBDL while also shopping around for a European club.  Today he's doing...the exact same thing, according to Mike Waters.

Devendorf is mulling offers in both Greece and Turkey, Chris Luchey, Devendorf's agent, wrote in a text message Wednesday. Luchey also wrote that Devendorf is considering the possibility of remaining in the United States to play in the NBDL.

Keep on keepin' on, Devo.