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Tremendously Disappointing: West Virginia 34, Syracuse 13

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I'll give you three guesses what Doug Marrone's word of the day was after today's disappointing loss to West Virginia:

I’m disappointed to come up here and to, obviously, play a game of football like that. We opened up with a turnover, which is disappointing and then let them return it 60 yards, which is also disappointing

The Orange didn't look good all day, plain and simple.  There were, yes, flashes in the second half but those were after it was already too late.  At 2-4 and with the QB situation seemingly up in the air (we'll get to that tomorrow), the Orange suddenly seem right back where they started. There have been improvements this season but the rejuvenation process is most certainly still in its early stages.

Full game review coming shortly.  In the meantime, vent...