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It's "Ernie Davis Field" To Me

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Next weekend during halftime of the West Virginia game, Syracuse University is naming the field in the Carrier Dome ‘Ernie Davis Legends Field’.  Or as I like to call it, 'Ernie Davis Field.'

Sorry, not gonna call it Ernie Davis Legends Field.  That sounds weird and confusing.  It's Ernie Davis Field.  Done.  Why do we feel the need to garble the name?  Can we ever just make an Ernie Davis tribute cut and dry?

Fine, DOC, explain it:

"Their naming of the field in his honor and recognizing all of the legends who have competed for Syracuse athletics is a tribute that is of the highest of honors. They have ensured that the legacy and impact of Ernie Davis to society will never be forgotten."

Are we honoring "legends" or are we honoring Ernie Davis?  I'm all for honoring "legends" but if we're honoring "legends" let's just call it "Legends Field."  If we're honoring Ernie Davis, let's call it Ernie Davis Field.  If we're honoring other specific legends, let's honor them by name call it Ernie Davis Jim Brown Floyd Little Art Monk Donovan McNabb Larry Csonka Vic Hansen Wilmeth Sidat-Singh Jim Nance Marvin Harrison Field.

I'd just love to hear announcers say "Hello and welcome to the EDJBFLAMDMLCVHWSSJNMH Field for today's match-up..."

No word yet on where the Nike logos will be placed.

Update: Matt McSportsFix (that's his real name, right?) has a great point. "What did the Nappi's actually give to Syracuse for this field name? It cost $?" Yeah...why did they need money?  We couldn't scrounge up a couple bucks in the SU Athletics coach to just add "Ernie Davis Field" to the sidelines in stencil?