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Reno 44

There's two kinds of Syracuse fans, really:

1. Those who feel bad for Donte Greene's struggles with the Sacramento Kings that led to his demotion to the D-League.

2. Those who "told him so"

Greene, the 20-year-old rookie small forward out of Syracuse acquired by the Kings in the summer trade with Houston for Ron Artest, hasn't seen the floor in seven of the last eight games and is itching to feel like a basketball player again.

... the Kings announced Thursday that [Pete} Carril will be pulled out of retirement to serve as a consultant and Greene, according to sources close to the team, will join the Kings' NBA Development League team in Reno on Saturday.

It's an absolutely joyous day for the tens and tens of Reno-based Syracuse fans who will now have a local basketball team that consists of three Syracuse players.  Damone Brown has been holding it down for the Bighorns all season.  Gerry McNamara signed with the team just the other day.  And now Donte will be in town, assumedly taking everyone else out for steak dinners every night because he's the only one there that can afford to.

Greene only played in one of the last eight games for the Kings.  The move may just be an attempt to keep him fresh and get him some PT and he'd be back in a Kings uni soon enough.  I mean, he has to go back, doesn't he?  Sweeps week is coming up and The Donte Greene Show needs it's host if it's gonna be a ratings hit.

If you're keeping score at home, that's technically the fourth team Donte will have been associated with in his rookie season (Grizz, Rockets, Kings and Bighorns) and we're not done yet.  Demetris Nichols, look out. 

Looking at their schedule, the Bighorns will be in LA on January 22nd.  It's a Thursday and they play at 3:30 in the afternoon.  Not sure I can swing it but I'm gonna do my best.  Stay tuned...

(While we're on the subject, any Reno-based Cuse fans out there?  Or anyone heading to Reno anytime soon?  Not sure why you would be, but, if so let me know.  I've got a job for you.)