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Whoever Is Advising Mike Williams Needs To Stop

According to Donnie Webb, the process by which Mike Williams was re-admitted to Syracuse University was "routine, brief and uncomplicated."  But don't tell that to the people who were apparently advising Mike Williams.

"Oh man, it almost brought tears to my eyes," Williams said Wednesday night from his home in Buffalo. "I didn't think it was going to happen. They tell me that people suspended from school rarely come back. They told me it was slim and that a lot of people never come back. It was crazy being readmitted."

"They" need to shut up.  No wonder Williams has been so scatterscot (or is it scattershod?) this past year.  Who's feeding him his advice, Debbie Downer?

The good news is Mike seems to have his head and his heart in the right place now that the incident is over.  No ill-will against SU, he's just ready to do Mike Williams things again on the football field:

"Because I felt like I owed it to Syracuse," Williams said. "That's the school I committed to. That's the school I was going to stick it out with.

"I messed up and got suspended. It was nothing against the school. That's me. I messed up. I felt like I've got to come back, prove to people I can still do it."

The extra good news is that Williams somehow gets to count this season as a redshirt and doesn't lose a year of eligibility.  God bless the crooked NCAA and it's undefendably-dumb policy of letting a cheating suspension count as a redshirt.  I'm not complaining...

Williams also commented on what the new regime at SU will be like under Doug Marrone:

"He's like more the strict type," Williams said. "It's his way or no way. It's crazy with him."

Mike, really bubbe, NOT a good first-step by calling your new head coach "crazy." 

And of course, there's Reason #3254676 why Doug Marrone is going to be great and Greg Robinson was turrible.  Greg Robinson's way was "his way or whatever way feels good to you...I don't want to put any pressure on you."