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Hey, Look At These Teenage Boys

Ah, recruiting season.  The time of the year where grown men ogle (usually shirtless) teenage boys and size them up and down like they're checking out the line-up at a Hawaiian Tropic bikini contest while noting that most of said teenage boys will ultimately not have much impact on the precedings anyway. 

Here we go...

Syracuse lone 3-star recruit to date backed out of his commitment to the Orange and instead decided to enroll at...wait for it...New Mexico!  WR Derrell Person was apparently part of the camp that wanted SU to hire Mike Locksley because ,well, that's who's coaching New Mex these days. 

"Coach (Mike) Locksley is the new head coach and they've got my teammate Emmanuel Yeager. I see it like Juice Williams and Arrelious Benn all over again at New Mexico.

Person also seems to be unaware that Syracuse actually did hire a coach at all.

"The Syracuse situation is going downhill."

This from the guy who committed to Syracuse while Greg Robinson was still in charge.

On the good news front, Syracuse now seems to be in the midst of stealing recruits away from it's Big East rivals, a fantastic sign for the new coaching staff.  First up, the Orange received a commitment from Paramus High School offensive lineman Zack Chibane. Chibane, ranked #56 nationally for O-linemen by ESPN, had previously committed to USF.  The best part about Zack is that he won't be awed by the Caroseul's old hait...I mean, have you seen the Paramus Mall???

Next, the Orange seem to be closing in on Sheepshead Bay defensive end Andre Civil, according to Rivals.  Civil had committed to Rutgers way back in May but seems to be looking at SU in a whole new light and will visit will NOT visit the school shortly.  Civl is the #19 rated DE in the nation and is among the top ten NY recruits available.  Plus his last name lends itself to many easy-made headlines (Civil War, A Civil Action, Civil-ity), so that would be a nice bonus for me.

I just wish he'd stop staring at me.  It's freaking me out.

Finally...what if I told you that a USC player would actually consider transferring to Syracuse?  Would that sound like the craziest thing you've ever heard of?  Well, it's apparently possible.  Former USC wide receiver Vidal "Sassoon" Hazelton is narrowing down his list of schools to transfer to and Syracuse is on that list.

Hazelton's current list of schools includes Pittsburgh and several Football Championship Subdivision schools (Western Michigan, Florida International, Georgia Southern).

Two weeks ago, Hazelton narrowed his choices to Missouri and Rutgers but his father said they decided to reconsider their options. "I think (Missouri and Rutgers) are out," Dexter Hazelton said.

Two other possibilities are Syracuse and Delaware. Hazelton is friends with former Penn State quarterback Pat Devlin, who recently transferred to Delaware.

According to one source (look at me!) , Syracuse is actually in the lead to land Hazelton.  Hazleton is from Staten Island so there could be a strong connection to come home and play for the new-and-improved Orange.  If he does, he brings a helluva pedigree with him. 

He led the Trojans in receptions in 2007 with 50 catches for four touchdowns.  An early-season injury cost Hazleton a spot in the line-up this year and the deep crop of WRs in front of him was too much to overcome.  He decided to transfer in early December, which, is a little suspect and selfish-looking.  Then again, Hazelton has also cited his grandfather's diagnosis with cancer as a reason for wanting to come back East (he lives in Georgia).  But we'll see if it's even something we have to worry about, since even if he comes to SU he still has to sit out a year.

Whew...I think that one post was the most exciting recruiting run-down I've written in two years.  That was nice.

H/T: Jon