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Mike Williams Has Entered The Building. Cody Jamieson Still Roams The Countryside.

Good news/bad news for Syracuse sports fans today.

The very good news, as confirmed via text from Orange Empire, will-he-or-won't-he-addict Mike Williams has officially re-enrolled at Syracuse and is on his way to re-joining the football team in the fall.  Doug Marrone's pants just got a little tighter.

I sincerely hope I don't have to reiterate how important Williams will be to the offense.  I don't have the stat on hand but I'm pretty sure we finished 897th in passing yards this year.  Mike Williams is going to make everything right again.  Assuming he keeps his nose clean this time...

Conversely, concerns have been growing all off-season in regards to incoming star lacrosse player Cody Jamieson. Dave Rahme mentioned that Inside Lacrosse's sources say Cody will not be a part of media day tomorrow and has not in fact registered for class, making him officially ineligible to play:

Jamieson, the national junior-college player of the year for Onondaga CC two seasons ago, has been trying to get his academics in order ever since so he can enroll at SU and play or the Orange. He is considerd one of the best attackmen in the sport.

The source told IL that the issue is not settled yet and that Jamieson could still join the team sometime this month. Classes for the spring semester begin Jan. 12, and deadline for registration is Jan. 11. Late registration ends Jan. 20.

Jamieson better be the next coming of Casey Powell after all this... Jamieson was originally supposed to play last season but decided to work out his academic issues instead (ahem).  Good news is, last season turned out pretty well without him.

H/T: SpazSports