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  • In the stock market of college basketball, Seth Davis says Syracuse is a (H/T:Jared)
  • Does getting named All-American by Pro Football Weekly really count as being an "All-American?"  Can Tony Fiammetta really now call himself "All-American Tony Fiammetta?"  Couldn't I just start my own All-American list then?...Donnie Webb
  • DePaul's play-by-play guy talks about the Syracuse game...SportsRadio 620
  • It's open mic over at Hoya Suxa.  Share your favorite Cuse-G'town stories...Hoya Suxa
  • SU recruit Alec Lemon named to All-American 2nd
  • The Big East Report...Orange44
  • SU lacrosse gets another transfer...Z89 Sports
  • The Big East bowl results were slightly more troubling than at first glance...Brian Bennett

Kenny's back and this time he's got a baby.  Well, not his, and we're not entirely sure where it came from, how he acquired it and what the going rate is for small children in the Seneca Falls black market, but at least now Kenny has a protege.  A Kenny-in-waiting, if you will.