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  • Tony Fiammetta is getting ready for the Senior Bowl, Ryan Durand for the East/West Shrine Game...Donnie Webb
  • Yes, Syracuse deserves to be a Top Ten team...Cuse Country
  • Syracuse currently #15 in the RPI
  • SU lax # 2 in yet another preseason
  • G-Mac is actually a "D-League free agent," free to sign with any team...Mike Waters
  • The SU Women's Team gets tested tonight against
  • Still no word on highly-touted transfer Cody Jamieson at SU camp...FoxSports
  • No criminal charges filed against Marvin Harrison for last year's incident...Deadspin
  • So who is the team to beat in the Big East?...The Big Lead
  • Checking in on the state of the Big East so far...Three Point Land (Part II here)
  • Nick Freidell goes one-on-one with Cuse alum Bob Costas...Fourth Place Medal

The end of the 2006 Big East Tournament game against UConn? Sure, why not...