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Don't Look Now But Cuse Is Top Ten

I always preface this by saying the polls mean nothing and then I always say but...


Syracuse basketball is in the Top Ten again.

On the same week when the Big East's Pitt took hold of the #1 spot in the Coaches Poll, the Orange move up to #9 thanks to wins over Seton Hall and South Florida as well as some losses by other top teams.

Crazy.  It's been so long since SU has been in this position so it's a little...weird.  You don't want to get too attached to it cause we could lose very soon and it'll be over.  But it's a nice validation for the program and sends a very clear message that in this, the year of the Big East, Syracuse is part of that upper echolon, not one of the middling teams.

Speaking of the conference, we're about three weeks away from having all 16 Big East teams in the Poll.  But in the meantime, we have...

#1 Pitt, #5 UConn, #9 Cuse, #10 Georgetown, #13 Notre Dame, #15 Marquette, #17 Villanova, #21 L'ville and #22 West Virginia.  Whew.

AP Poll should be out shortly.  SU was #13 in that last week...they should move up a couple spots but might fall a little short of their #9 place in the Coaches.  We'll see.

Update: Cuse is #11 in the AP.  Behind Georgetown.  Fech.