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The Biggest Little Shooting Guard In The World

The NBA Developmental League thought it was done with Gerry McNamara but Gerry McNamara wasn't done with it.  Bakersfield Jam faithful are about to be up in arms when they see Gerry in a Reno Bighorn jersey, which could happen some time in the next week

No official word on the team website.  Then again, no official word on anything since October on the team website, so, that's that.  Once it is official, Gerry will join fellow SU alum Damone Brown on the Bighorns.  Brown's doing pretty well in the D-League, averaging 17.5 PPG and 8.3 RPG for the 1-12 Reno team in their 1st season. (Speaking of, make sure you vote for him for the D-League All-Stars).

The Bighorns are affiliated with the Kings (makes sense) and the Knicks (huh?).  Gerry made a pretty good impression with the Jazz this summer...about as good an impression as you can make without actually making the team. Not that you ever want to root for anyone to get injured, but...well if that happens Gerry won't be far away, Jerry Sloan.

The next chapter in Gerry's pro career will begin soon...8th time the charm?