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Das Boot

Syracuse students, I wish you much success in school.  I wish you good fortune. And I wish that on the rare occasions when you do meet an enjoyable-looking member of the opposite sex who prefers your company to that of their slightly chubby friend whom they hang out with because it makes them feel better about themselves, that such a person is not disease-riddled.

And I wish that your car not get booted.  Cause that sucks.

Hey Ben Murphy, the student who gets booted near the end of the video, you didn't really just say this, did you?:

"Is there a way for the city to actually give ME money for this?  Because I'm taking time out of my day where I have to study for tests that are incredibly important to my success, like, in my career."

Ben, I look forward to one day standing behind you in Starbucks and rolling my eyes while you haggle over the cost of your Frappachino and then sharing a laugh with the barista after you walk away.