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  • Ray Rice spurning SU for Rutgers might be the most memorable Big East recruiting moment in recent history...Brian Bennett
  • SU might be about to steal another recruit from Louisville...Donnie Webb
  • SU Lax looked pretty good in their scrimmages yesterday.  Expect faceoffs to be the big question mark...Dave Rahme
  • John Desko might have found a hidden gem in...Tim Desko...Daily Orange
  • Table those football recruits for a bit, how bout catching up with our basketball newbies?
  • The Big East is looking for a better deal from the Gator Bowl...Charleston Gazette
  • Pann State is taking it easy this season...Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Please, in these tough economic times, won't you think of the casinos?...Daily Orange
  • Just in time for the Super Bowl, The Terrible ShamWow...Sports Crackle Pop