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The possibility that David Oku will spurn Tennessee for Syracuse still seems a little far-fetched, even if the guy who recruited him jumped ship.  I mean, I can understand wanting to follow the guy you like, but if you're Rivals #1-rated running back in the nation, do you really take the chance on a rebuilding rejuvenating program like SU over an SEC school?

Young David is on record saying “[Syracuse] are definitely in consideration" but that could also just be kind words for Stan.  Besides, he's still taking trips to see other schools, like the one he's taking this weekend to Auburn.  On paper, SU doesn't stack up.

But...The Dangerfield Division emailed me with an interesting thought.  Oku wants to play and he wants to play now.  He wants a sure thing.  If he goes to Tennessee, surely he's got competition.  And Auburn?  Well they just got a commitment from RB Anthony Gulley.  Competing with guys ahead of you is one thing but does Oku really want to compete with guys in his year for playing time?

If he were to come to SU, Oku will likely be the only running back in his year worth noting.  And while there are some guys ahead of him, none of them are "locked in" as the go-to guy in 2009.  His chances for playing, and even starting, are exponentially higher at SU than at Tennessee or Auburn.

Oku could turn around tomorrow and give his full commitment to Tennessee and that will be that.  But if you're looking for a good reason to think we might have a real shot with him...there it is.

Update: Donnie Webb noted today that Oku "may not make his decision until after national letter-of-intent signing day on Wednesday."