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Donnie just decided to drop this little nugget under the radar today:

Head coach Doug Marrone may issue a campus casting call for kickers. Marrone said he'd like to invite students to tryout for the kickoff job. Niko Rechul, who handled the kickoff job last season, is not returning this fall. Marrone said issuing an invitation for kickers is a way to involve the student body and perhaps find untapped talent. Marrone said the job requirement is simple: Kick the ball through the end zone for touchbacks.

What does is all mean?  Is he leaving to fulfill his lifelong dream of owning and operating a hookah bar in Upstate New York fulltime?  Is he leaving BECAUSE of the hookah bar?  Is he leaving the Syracuse area altogether and taking his flavored-tobacco dreams with him?  Is this MY chance to own a hookah bar? something...

Oh and I guess if you've got a strong leg and you're eligible, you know, go try out.