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We Will Never Forget (Those Buttocks)

With Providence on tap for this evening, I thought it might be appropriate to cull some highlights from great games past.  Surely the YouTubes are chock-a-block with footage of great 80's match-ups and Pitino vs. Boeheim action.  But at the end of the day, there's really only one video that sums up the Syracuse - Providence expereince.  It's a video longtime readers are familar with but a video we never really got any backstory on.  I look to Brian to fill in the details: of my friends who was a team manager during the 06-07 season, the story is that it was a basketball staff member's birthday during the road trip to Providence, and Matt Gorman felt it necessary to do a little dance for the occasion after a team meal. I will warn you that there's partial nudity, but it's well worth the entertainment value.

If there's anything you don't have to worry about on this site, it's my affinity for partial male nudity.  And so, for old time's sake, here's to you Matty Gorman, wherever you are.

Of COURSE that's the thumbnail.