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Scoop Jardine Goes Back To Basics

ScoopStripeWatch is gripping Cuse Nation and there's nothing you can do about it.  A week was imperative for Scoop to get back on fashion track.  The Man Who Wore Stripes Too Much was back in form during the Louisville game with a spiffy, and more importantly, striped number.


Simple but elegant.  It says "I'm not here to cause trouble, I just want to support my team in an outfit that doesn't draw attention to myself."  More of that, Scoop.  And less of this...  Way, way, way less.


Photo Credit: Mikirodenas

Update: This is why I should always wait for the close-up.  Thanks to the eagle eyes of Jameson and others, that's actually not Scoop.  It's Wes Johnson.  But it raises an even bigger point...does the entire non-playing roster have to wear some sort of striped shirt at all times?  We'll see if Mookie takes the bait tonight.