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This Has Bad Idea Written All Over It

On Feb. 4, Syracuse fans can meet with Marrone in the backcourt area of the Carrier Dome at 6:15 to hear about the recruiting class.

Please, please please don't let 86trash back there!  It could get very ugly very quickly.

Marrone will be on hand to "introduce" the new football recruits that night during the West Virginia game.  The recruits won't actually be there, Marrone is just there to praise them and talk them up to unreachable standards.  Anyone who has Jewish mother will empathize. 

Couple other nuggets of note from Donnie Webb's post today, including:

- Syracuse begins spring football practice on March 23.

- The Spring football game is April 18 at the Carrier Dome.

God, it feels like only yesterday I was being underwhelmed by the Spring Game.  Almost time again already???