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Last Orangeman Standing

Has Syracuse ever played a basketball game with a three-man rotation?  We might find out by the time the Providence game rolls around.

Syracuse basketball players are dropping like flies.  First, freshman Mookie Jones will go the way of Scoop Jardine and sit out the rest of the season due to a muscle tear in his right hip.  Mookie hadn't played since January 7th and didn't have too much of an affect on things so it's not a huge loss for the Orange.  The good news is that Jones is in line to receive a medical redshirt since he only played 28% of SU's games.  30% is the cut-off.

The question now for Mookie you rock the stripes like Scoop or do you go in a new direction to mix things up.  Solid colors?  A suit and tie?  The anticipation is at a fever pitch. 

We should have figured sooner or later Andy Rautins would end up missing time, the guy has about a 5-6 game limit before he's contractually obligated to fall to the floor clutching his leg while wincing in pain.  He did just that on Sunday due to a severely  sprained ankle and he's currently doubtful for tomorrow's tip. Coach Boeheim even went as far as to say he's probably out, and I think he has a say in such things.

So our outside game will be hurting, at least we have the inside presence to count on, right?  Well...not so much.  Arinze Onuaku hasn't practiced for the last two days due to swelling in his knee.  He suffered the injury in the Louisville game as well and he's questionable at best at the moment. 

Guess we'll be leaning on Devo to help carry the team this...on second thought, don't lean on him.  He's still recovering from the bruised hip he suffered in the South Florida game.  He's gonna play, it seems, but not at 100%.

Jonny Flynn, if you've been saving up one of those 24-8-12 games for the right occassion, this might be it.  Otherwise...not sure if anyone else is available...